BalanceU International Clubs

Where self-building in a positive and safe society for young boys, girls or adults Creates soft skills through: Positive mindset and achievement lifestyle.
Welcome to the BalanceU Clubs Your new world of positivity and achievement.
While we sit for years at school, and university to acquire and build knowledge.
While professional skills are developed, through on-the-job training or with a specialized exper zwho provides work procedures within a short time to be applied in the practical field.
The formation of the personality and self-building requires accompanying and continuous attempts in the atmosphere of a real social and positive life; As long as life continues, the lessons and self-building do not end! ​

The Essential Features of the International BalanceU Clubs

Club Famework and Stages

Thoughtful Periodic Agenda
Motivational speeches,
dialogues and accredited workshops
The club’s achievement track starts with PowerZero map, then P33 achievement maps and advanced maps
Motivational speeches,
dialogues and accredited workshops

Where Do BalanceU Clubs Apply?

Companies and organizations

Training centres

Youth centres attached to the Ministry of Youth and Youth Organizations

Schools and universities

Cultural and youth associations

Scouting, domestic and international trips

Club Duration

Weekly for 12 weeks
Monthly over 12 months
Daily in the case of intensive trips over 12 days

The Executive Path to Manage BalanceU Clubs

BalanceU Self-Building Clubs are for you and me..for guys and girls..
For senior staff and students ..
a purposeful social environment
Under the supervision of a certified life coach that opens horizons
Follow up, accompany and compete
to hone life skills
That you need to try again and diversify the experiment.


To start with change, you must know the components and elements of the personality mix to reach a pioneering and distinguished personality to accomplish the journey of excellence. The simplest way to connect you to that is to start and subscribe to the international BalanceU clubs.
Personality Mix is a CT scan showing your strengths and weaknesses from the components and elements of the personality mix.
Testimonial Item

Dr. Saeed Al-Zahrani

Saudi Arabia
I looked up a lot for myself! But could not find better than BalanceU Clubs to interact with me.

Then I realized; I stand by myself and the world that I always dreamed of!

Testimonial Item

Doaa Abu Sneina

The diversity curve I found at BalanceU club developed in a sound and balanced way. Working on the five pillars in their various sources increases the efficiency of the various intelligences that gave me the skills necessary to master and continue any work I do.
The system was completed with an impressive elite of achievers and influencers.
Testimonial Item

Maram Al-Khawaja

The BalanceU Club changed my idea of how to view my achievements. The simplest achievements might be outstanding achievements, so I will adopt the BalanceU method to deal with my achievements. I am thrilled because I got the program, and I am happy to share it with others.
Testimonial Item

Majida Al Kuwari

I definitely believe that this energy is a form of continuous and evolving awareness of the members of the BalanceU club. It's like an infection. If there are 10 advanced achievers, it is most likely that everyone is or will be.
I also see that sharing achievement is the main element for generating this energy. It is natural when we read achievements that some attract us and others draw our attention. While we read, we may also say: We will try this achievement because this pillar in my personality mix needs it, or maybe I did not experience it before, or I hope to try it.

And suppose we mentioned that it is a type of human self-development, productively, cognitively and competitively; in that case, the conversation will go on and on.

But what I wanted to say that the total energy here reinforced our intention (the intention to achieve in the five pillars of the mixture) and made this quality a strength, as everyone transmits the infection to everyone.

Testimonial Item

Fatima Al-Sufyani

Saudi Arabia

In BalanceU Club

How to learn the arts of achievement?How to break the barrier of public speaking?
How to increase soft skills?
How do you provide training workshops?
How to deal with companionship and fellowship in sophistication?
How do you evaluate or entertain others professionally?
How to enjoy other people ways of life?
How to become positive?
How do you have systematic thinking?
It’s all in a place we called BalanceU

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