The Safe and Integrated Reference
For Building a Balanced personality
For Individuals, Families, Organizations, and Schools
BalanceU enables a person to build his personality through his achievements and live a full life with balance, and because balanced building through tangible achievements is the next generation of coaching.
For ages from 14 to 70 years

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Where self-building in a positive and safe society for young people, girls or adults creates soft skills through: a positive mindset and an achievement lifestyle

Welcome to BalanceU Clubs, your new world of positivity and achievement.

From Initial Evaluation to Balanced Planning

10 sessions .. designed to develop a balanced personality ..
to form a productive lifestyle & a positive mindset ..
• 12 thought-out weeks
• Detailed tools and curriculum
• Followups & periodical reviews

Personality Mix Book

Learn About The Sources Of Charisma and Personality Strength

Life Ruler Tool

Discover The Strengths and Weaknesses Of Your Personality

Achievement Maps

Plan For The Next Stage In Balance Through Five Pillars

My Personal Plan

Challenge Yourself With Exploratory Achievement Maps

Be a Certified Facilitator

Be certified by the international achievement maps methodology and prove your excellence in your performance as a teacher.. a coach.. a trainer.