My Personal Plan

I have great dreams .. and broad ambitions .. I start to accomplish some goals .. But I do not continue to follow through and implement.
If you are thinking, why personal planning The person you are today is the outcome of your achievements and the fruit of your previous efforts. “My Personal Plan” is the guide that helps you achieve the next version of you.

My Personal Plan

Balanced Planning – Flexible Implementations – Pleasurable Arrival
Personal Development Time Availability Calculator©
BalanceU™ presents to you the Personal Development Time Availability Calculator© which is designed to be used before making your personal development plan to gain insights into your actual available time for development.

It divides the time of your day into 4 boxes based on urgency and importance. One take away point from this calculator is the realization that you have less time than you think for development; thus, we call it the Golden Time.

4 Considerations That Distinguish BalanceU "My Personal Plan"


Do you find yourself pestered by monotonous books?
“My Personal Plan” from BalanceU walks you through 3 profound and straightforward steps:
1. Analysis: where details are needed to achieve dreams and aspirations.
2. Planning: for balanced, well-thought-out goals that are compatible with your present and future aspirations.
3. Implementation and evaluation:
featuring easy to use dashboards, continuous implementation monitoring of your annual and monthly plans, and continuous assessment for further improvement and development.

The loss of energy and passion over time is a human nature, but it doesn’t need to be a hindrance.
To maintain continuity in achieving plans and objectives, personal plans must be realistic.
“My Personal Plan” kit helps you by providing you with:
• Simple instructions to help you write your monthly plan, follow up on its implementation and evaluation.
• A monthly plan sample to see how the system works in action.
• 12 monthly plan templates that can be filled out while being flexible enough for any plan changes because life is dynamic.
Even when numerous ideas come pouring down, you have a place to organize your thoughts and maintain your focus. “My Bucket List” – part of the “My Personal Plan” kit provides you with a safe space to save and record ideas without hindering you from pursuing your achievements, or distracting you from implementing your plan, or losing your thoughts.

“My Personal Plan” booklet helps you avoid keeping your goals and achievements centred on one side without the other because BalanceU believes that you can only achieve true success by attaining balance in the fundamental pillars of life (Soul .. Mind .. Body .. Relations .. Professions ) …
In “My Personal Plan”, you will follow the journey of implementing your monthly and annual goals in the five pillars to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Pages From the Booklet


When I received my personal plan kit from BalanceU, the design caught my attention, as I felt it had a motivational message. Inside, you will find a wealth of knowledge in many scientific theories that have been used simultaneously, the way the personal plan is presented and its ease of use.

Attached with the kit is the monthly plan, goals for each month, how you evaluate yourself, and a weekly plan for each month. One of the things that I liked very much is the bucket list, as it is beautiful and very detailed.

Testimonial Item

Manal Kamel

My personal plan kit is an integrated kit in terms of order and smoothness in schedules, colour coordination and motivational words. The bucket list is very nice. The most prominent things that caught my eye in the Personal Plan Kit:

The five pillars of self-building, defining a vision and focusing on the future in a mental picture of myself in the future. Sequencing into the three phases, analysis, planning and implementation. Realizing the strengths and weaknesses in me and the surrounding reality in terms of opportunities and threats. Self-awareness in the bucket list.

Determining achievement and achieving the goal is the purpose of this plan. The Personal Plan from BalanceU is a flexible, integrated plan that includes the essential aspects in human life, a clear plan, a mission, a vision, and safe arrival.

Testimonial Item

Ruqaiya Ali

I liked my personal plan kit because of the beauty and splendour of directing and design while preserving great content and product quality.

The concepts covered within the plan are characterized by ease of implementation and ease of understanding and flexibility during the development of the detailed plan. I liked the explanation of the initial concepts that are concerned with personal planning, such as vision, mission, analysis of subjective reality, and then applying them through a weekly or monthly plan.

I also liked that you see your plan in one form that you can view and amend, and it gives you a kind of link to this plan so that you review it daily.

Testimonial Item

Mohammed Al-Masrahi

Saudi Arabia
In past years I often looked for balance: mental balance, spiritual balance and psychological balance. There is a great passion for reading and the development and advancement of personality and self-building. We visited libraries, watched videos, interviewed friends, and met many people, and I find myself happy because I have this excellent plan in which I find harmony and regulatory. A specific plan helps us launch a distinguished, rapid start that keeps pace with changes and developments.
Testimonial Item

Hamza Hakami

Saudi Arabia
My personal plan kit is clear on its features and characteristics of distinction and uniqueness in proposition and details. The most prominent of which are three titles distinguished it professionally and intelligently: The kit has a personal frame. It tells the details of the progress of achievement for each individual.

This makes it draw the second most prominent title features, which is that this kit is a reference subject because it records all stages and details through documentation.As for the third title, which is the title that contains the essential point, which is that my personal plan kit is a training plan par excellence. Each page of the booklet is a training workshop because of the small and large details it contains.

Testimonial Item

Dr. Sonia Al Hawajli


Lead Yourself.. You are your own boss

You’re the one making
your start.
You can only achieve big ambitions and outstanding achievements through small and thoughtful steps.
Your personal plan is the tool that will help you on a balanced achievement journey.
Your success is a journey .. keep going .. and live the joy of its details .

You're one step closer to the life you want. Work smarter, live happier.

“My Personal Plan” is the guide that will help you on a balanced achievement journey.

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