Personality Mix Book

I have honest and big dreams and ambitions ..
BUT I am confused from where to start in developing myself and refining my personality ..
I want an attractive, strong and balanced personality

If you are wondering : How to start and with what..?!
You are lucky being reached the most important stage of your life which you were looking for .. with personality mix.
But if you asked; Why I must have ambitions and achievements?!
Because, stopping from developing yourself, is the beginning of the end even in our lives

Personality Mix

Quick review of the circle of the 5 pillars and the balance.
For the first time … the life cycle with all its details In
your hands in practical and simple way
Soul .. Mind .. Body .. Relations .. Professions ..

7 fascinating considerations in the Personality Mix Book

The positivity of what you have

Blame stalks you from within you, or those around you about the past or missed opportunities from you!
The Personality Mix Book uses the future as a hope to build more of your personality pillars proudly and positively.

The secret is in diversity

Wondering how some people are quickly attracting those who are around?!
The Personality Mix Book provides you with the sources of attractive charisma in your personality with 25 sources you can chose from.

Flexibility is the characteristic of the century

You notice some monotony but you are afraid of distracted and thoughtless change.
With Personality Mix Book, where you can start from any of its pages or applications without worrying about the order of its subjects. Your daily life is repeated on you in thoughtful randomness.

Unique Personality

They ask you to imitate the success of others …
But you cannot!

The Personality Mix Book believes that you have your unique mix, and excellence begins with your choice of elements and amounts of this mixture.

Integrated Life

You are aware of the gravity of the partial successes, that soon collapses like some celebrities!
The Personality Mix Book is a new pen that allows you to write your own resume with self-building mentality with the five pillars of life and its integrated details.

Openness and Selection

You have heard about the renewal that make you lose what is useful ! … But you are looking for both.
The Personality Mix Book is carefully designed with its pictures and ideas to open your mind into new spaces in the life details.

Pages from the book


When You Know That You Are a mixture of capabilities,
Sources, and Experiences, You - Whatever Your Age Is - Will Seek to:

Know what you already have of the personality strength sources

Weigh and decide on which of the elements you have are the strongest and you can depend on.

Chose new elements that create balance in your life.

Form what you want in yourself and your life .. as you are now responsible for your own personality!

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